3 online marketing tips to boost your online presence during the pandemic

Online marketing tips, immediately actionable and at ZERO cost.

If you read my previous article, you have certainly realized how important is to keep your online presence active even during this pandemic. It could really make a huge difference for your business when the economy will start to roll again, and that could happen any time. 

Even if you don’t want to invest some money and hire someone to help you, there is still a lot you can do to keep in touch with your potential buyers a zero cost.

After all, you are an expert on your industry. You might not be as fast and tech-savvy as a digital marketing specialist, but you can definitely put together some content by yourself.

Here are 3 online marketing tips to boost your online presence, immediately actionable and at ZERO cost!


People is looking for plenty of information online and have a lot of time to read now. give them what they demand. 

Talk about your products or services, the problems that they solve, highlight advantages and benefits when using them. 

Make sure that your titles and short descriptions are appealing and promising. Most importantly, create content that is valuable for your potential buyers

If you are willing to invest some time and look into some basic SEO, you may also gain more organic traffic in time.

Social Media Marketing

Writing and publishing an article won’t suffice unless you push it out and social networks are exactly what you need to do that.

Choose well your social networks by locating where your target audience spend time, whether is Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other and share your blog posts with eye catching images.

Make sure to follow the best practices of each social network such as image sizes or use of relevant hashtags to get the best out of it.

Take advantage of groups in Facebook or LinkedIn by personally sharing your content as well as other sources’ content (as long as it’s relevant).

This is the stage where you reach out to people and let them know that you are there. Share valuable content and you will get the attention of potential buyers.

Just don’t spam offers. That will only make you become annoying and build a bad reputation online.

Email & SMS Marketing

This is a great way to reach out existing customers and keep in touch. If your content is useful they will appreciate and you will keep being in their minds.

When ready you will be able to offer up-sells or cross-sells, making happy both the client and yourself.

At the same time, if your existing customers are satisfied with your business, they will be the first ones to spread the voice and attract new potential buyers to you. Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing channels.

Don’t send too many emails or sms. You might trigger the opposite effect and lose your customers.

What is your next move?

I realize that these are very generic marketing tips and that at the beginning you might struggle to come up with specific content ideas for your target audience

Leave a comment with a short description of your business and I will get back to you with an idea or two.

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  1. Great ideas confidently put Simone; good for you making a bold move during uncertain times for many businesses. Not that you need it but good luck with the new venture.


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