[Tourism Marketing Case Study] 400+ Leads generated in 40 days – Step by Step

Learn an Effective Lead Generation Strategy that you can replicate immediately! For Tour Operators, Travel Agencies & Professionals. Updated on 20 July 2021. Tourism is one of the industries that has been mostly affected by the current global pandemic. A hard hit that cannot be compared to anything else. Professionals have been facing cancellations and … Read more

Marketing doesn’t stop with Sales.

If you don’t take care of your Customer, someone else will. Nothing wrong with trying to sell more yet focusing only on your interests without caring for your customers, their needs and satisfaction, can turn into a really bad business practice with dramatic results on the long run. On the other hand, there are several … Read more

Have you noticed what Google Suggests?

When you start typing on Google, a list of phrases will appear. That’s called “Google Suggest” or “Auto-Complete”. What Google does is very simple. It keeps track of the exact or very similar words that you and people search in general and suggests you the most searched ones when you start typing in the search … Read more

Covid-19: Taking it as an opportunity

I don’t want to sound too enthusiastic but for certain, I do want to sound positive. Let me explain you why… It is a tough situation and I would be delusional if I didn’t acknowledge that the Covid-19 outbreak has affected all of our lives. For some people however, nothing has changed. Think about all … Read more