Covid-19: Taking it as an opportunity

I don’t want to sound too enthusiastic but for certain, I do want to sound positive.

Let me explain you why…

It is a tough situation and I would be delusional if I didn’t acknowledge that the Covid-19 outbreak has affected all of our lives.

For some people however, nothing has changed.

Think about all the people that were – and are still – fighting against starvation or those poor kids that have been – and are still – looking at missiles flying above their heads.

We are in a way luckier position…

I am not an expert on pandemics but I am pretty sure that in the past centuries, our predecessors didn’t have advanced technologies, modern hospitals or decent internet access and a laptop to spend time online and beat the boredom of quarantine.

When putting it in this way, it makes me feel more like we are enjoying a bit of luxury.

Much more than just being lucky!

I have been working as a freelancer for years now and I have been planning for a while to take my business to the next level and open my own Digital Marketing Agency.

The Covid-19 hasn’t spared me neither. All of a sudden all my clients have been forced to interrupt their businesses and the cashflow has halted. Terrible timing, just now that I needed to invest on my projects.

So, as commonly said in Sri Lanka “What to do?”

I decided to push forward and continue as planned with a few adaptations. I wanted to take this situation as an opportunity.

Those guys mentioned at the beginning of my write up don’t even have the chance to do it, the opportunity. So no waste is acceptable!

Of course It’s not easy but on the other hand what it is easy in life? Successful people work hard for years before achieving results to be proud of and often go through a number of failures before nailing it.

So here we are, I am launching a new venture in the midst of a pandemic.

I believe that Good Marketing means creating a Win-Win situation, where both Seller & Buyer are happy. In fact, in my professional life, there’s nothing more satisfying than adding value to my clients and be part of their successes.

That’s what Digimarkout’s philosophy and vision are based on.

Our team is formed by a group of experienced freelancers, each of them with a specific expertise and for years we have been helping small & medium businesses in different corners of the world.

Web Development, Graphic & Creative design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, PPC Management, Email Marketing, etc..

We put all these together in a complete Digital Marketing Strategy with one single objective: increase your sales.

Each of us work remotely allowing us to offer flexibility and competitive prices while keeping a premium service that would generally involve hefty fees by traditional digital marketing agencies.

We are introducing an affordable digital marketing premium service for small & medium businesses in Sri Lanka.

At the same time we are looking into launching more projects. We will apply the exact same online marketing strategies that we offer to our clients.

We will explore exciting industries, test new marketing strategies and build case studies for future references.

These efforts will help us to nail your digital marketing strategy.

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