Have you noticed what Google Suggests?

When you start typing on Google, a list of phrases will appear. That’s called “Google Suggest” or “Auto-Complete”.

Google Suggest

What Google does is very simple. It keeps track of the exact or very similar words that you and people search in general and suggests you the most searched ones when you start typing in the search box.

Google knows what people are looking for and uses search statistics to basically “read your mind” and offer you what you are looking for even before you have typed in the words or phrases that you want to search (Keyword).

On Google Search Help, this function is referred as Search Prediction.

Why is Search Prediction important?

When you build a website you want your pages to appear on Google when people search for specific keywords. Keywords that are regularly searched by your potential customers and therefore relevant to your business.

It is not an easy task to be n. 1 on Google, it requires time, technical knowledge and experience so companies hire SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialists to get help.

Google Suggest is used by SEO Specialists to find Keywords that could bring you more traffic and therefore more leads and buyers.

But we are not here to talk about that today but about something funnier…

Looks like there is a significant number of people who are searching for the exact same weird keywords.

I have just came across this blog with a few of the most weird Google Suggestions and some of them are really funny!

Have a laugh: 20 Funny Google Searches That Really Make You Wonder Who’s Asking These Questions, Anyway

What is the weirdest Google suggestion you have ever came across? Leave a comment below

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